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With my best friends since the 3rd grade (They're also pretty creative)

Photographer, cinematographer, creative marketer, rock and roll band manager, best friend, burrito aficionado, the guy that gets stuff done…Ask my friends and they’ll use some of those words to describe me. I love to create, be it images, stories, ideas, whatever, and its my passion for image making and problem solving that has enabled me to learn how to do the things I do.

I’ve been self employed and doing freelanced video, photography, and marketing since I was in high school. In college, I studied marketing and advertising, along with all the cinema and television classes I could get at my school.

I’ve already done quite a bit in a relatively short amount of time. I traveled the US creating video and web content for a company, worked in television production, opened my own commercial photography and video studio, written and produced television and cinema ads, managed a rock and roll band and lots more.

I spent 5 years in my own studio developing my photography, video marketing and business skills. I’m now Traveling the country as the director of Cinematography of an integrated marketing company. How can I help you?

Hot Lights, Craig ClementCraig Clement (thats me) making TV for ComcastCraig Clement, Photographer

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